Good morning/good afternoon/buen dia where ever you are in the world! It is a lovely Tuesday morning in Sevilla, Spain and this marks the two month aniversary of my journey! I want to thank all of you, who I know and don`t know for your comments, messages and endless enthusasium for my travels. Your support has been amazing and it´s always nice to hear from a familiar face!

A little bit about my travels...I am excited to be in a country where I finally speak the language! I arrived in Spain yesterday and plan to spend a few days in Sevilla, then head to Grenada where I can hopefully find a place to settle down for a month or so to practice my Spanish and meet some locals. Keep your fingers crossed, I´m not sure how the whole, "I want to rent a room for just a month" thing will go, but things always seem to work out, so I´m not too worried.

A friend recently commented on my luck saying that I may actually be the center of the universe, so I´ll just bank on that :) Either way, I hope you are enjoying my travel excerpts, as I am definitely enjoying writing them. There are a few interesting stories coming your way, so stay tuned.

¡Ciao for now!

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