One of Colorado's quirkier cities is Trinidad; a small town in the south alternatively know as the sex change capital of the world. Last time I drove through, I stopped to grab a coffee and the first person I saw in the cafe was a joke! I know they're around, but what the people bestowing this coveted title forgot is that there exists a little city on the other side of the world that blows Trinidad out of the water. It's called Bangkok.

Have you seen the Hangover 2? If not don't rush out to see it. If so, let's just say Bangkok is not over exaggerated. You name it they have it. Monks, fake passports and ladyboys are a few of the favorites I've come across. A ladyboy is pretty much a fancy name for a man who becomes a woman. It is a thriving industry here and there seems to be no shortage of them in Bangkok.

My recent expat Bangkok friend insisted that I see the ladyboys before I leave the city. I'm always looking for an adventure and up to try something new, so I agreed.

As we meandered the crowed streets he singled out ladyboys in the street. "See that one? With the red purse? Her voice is way too deep. That's surely a man." I just nodded and smiled completely oblivious to the subject or matter that the seemingly woman may indeed be a man.

We finally made it to the ladyboy bar. I would have never guessed the secret of these women if it weren't for my friend telling me. I was really more impressed than anything. They all looked so happy, confident and like they were proud of who they were. Weather woman or ladyboy I thought all the Thais looked gorgeous-not a trait that many cross gender white people can pull off well. I for one, know I would make a terribly awkward looking man.

I probably won't be frequenting the ladyboy bar again any time soon, but it was a cool experience and view into a counter culture that many people simply choose to ignore.