So em &i are on the ferry to santorini.  Hope to get in around 1-2 am. Our hotel will pick us up, thank God! Time tables are very vague, Em & I have  been very lucky so far.  Great bus system throughout the country.  Got around Istanbul fantastically. Weather in the 80 s-90s, cool breezes @night; no humidity!  Our bus ride from Ephesus was great: ac, individual tv, juice & snacks served for FREE, seats that leaned back, etc countryside looks a lot like western CO. , low hills, deciduous trees, bushes; yet Arid. Now the coast is a different story! Rocky coast with white square bldgs. Built into the hillsides forming small villages; just like in the movies!  Our biggest challenges are finding free American-like toilets, changing our money, and finding places to fill our water bottles.  Most folks think we're French or European. So we're working on our French accents Merci!  Miss news about the States. Saw Obama w/Turkish President; don't know what happened; maybe one of you could fill us in. We love you all &are safe & happy & having a blast. God bless!

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