After what seemed like a month in morocco, I was welcomed back into the western world by my dear friend Ruud! Warm showers, English speakers, fair prices, wine and even a few Christmas trees...all my favorite things! Not to mention a reunion with one of my newly met travel buddies. Ruud somehow keeps popping up throughout my adventures; the beginning in Croatia, a few weeks later in Amsterdam and the conclusion of my Europe travels in Spain. 

It was good to see a familiar face and even better to return to a culture I loved and understood. Ruud and I spent a day in Malaga around the beach and observing Christmas festivities then headed to Granada for some tapas testing.

Granada seems to be famous in the Spanish world for it's quaint college town and free tapas. That's right, each time you order a drink the waiter throws in a complimentary plate of tapas! Being into food and free things, this was the perfect place for me. Each night we would meander into town around ten P.M.  in search of the busiest bars to see what kind of tapas we could score. Between each tapas course and drink I would exclaim, "I love Spain!" I'm sure I sounded like a broken record to Ruud, but I was just so happy to be back with two old friends-Ruud and the Western World! Here are some pictures from the weekend: 

A reflection pool in the Alhambra-a palace and fortress built in the 14th century by the Moors
Enjoying my tapas and wine. I think Ruud got tired of me saying, "I LOVE Spain" each time we got a new tapa!
Me and Ruud in front of Alhambra
A view of Alhambra and Granada

12/27/2011 10:48

Yeej, good stuff, and pretty pics!! Guess on the picture of us at the Alhambra I was really astonished about your prettiness on it :p (probably I saw you in the reflection of the lens).
Have fun in the snow now! And be careful, it is cold. That means that you have to wear a hat and gloves to keep yourself warm. I know, it sounds ridiculous.


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