After over three months traveling half way around the globe, one of my most frequently received questions is about my favorite place. I've covered a lot of mileage, met heaps of great people and had even crazier adventures that it is hard to pick just one place. The past 14 weeks seem like a million small journeys wrapped into one; some similar and some unlike any adventure I could ever dream of.

So, you want to know how it all stacks up? Well here are a few of my favorites along with the stories to go with them (click on the name of each place for the link to the blog post).

Country I most want to return to: Croatia
Favorite city: Budapest (with Amsterdam as a close second)
Most unexpected and craziest country to travel in: Morocco
Favorite place to chill with the locals: Israel
Best hitchhiking adventure: Portugal
Country I would like to live in: Spain

With that being said, they journey is continuing! Tonight my Mom sister and I are headed to the Dominican Republic for a post holiday vacation! I haven't had much too much beach time in the past three months, so a lazy lawn chair and a good dose of snorkeling is exactly what I am in need of. After that I'm headed into the far off pacific and somewhere exotic in Asia...stay tuned for details!

Enjoying a Rocky Mountain Christmas, sledding with my sister

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